Tuesday, July 23, 2013

News Flash: The Astros suck at the 8th inning

The Astros are getting outscored in the 8th inning this season by a margin of 73-29. Astros opponents have scored 8th inning runs in 39 of 98 games, multiple 8th inning runs in 24 of those 39 games.

This should not surprise you. I don't know what it is about the bullpen and the 8th inning. Regard (8th inning splits):

Paul Clemens: .244/.340/.561 against in 15 8th inning appearances. The only inning where he has a worse OPS? The 9th.
Wesley Wright: .351/.387/.579 in 24 8th inning appearances.
Hector Ambriz: .321/.371/.494 in 27 8th inning appearances. This is actually his lowest OPS-against of innings with three or more appearances...amazingly.
Travis Blackley: .289/.429/.632 in 21 8th inning appearances.
Lucas Harrell: .500/.600/.750 in two 8th inning appearances.
Jose Cisnero: .238/.351/.265 in 18 8th inning appearances.

I know there are many factors to determine who pitches in which situation and in which inning. But for goodness sake, let's just roll with a Cisnero-to-Veras bridge...until Veras gets traded to the Pirates.