Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet Another Member of Astros County - Who Are These People?

Well fellow members of Astros County, it's time to meet another of the constituents. I'm reaching out to an Astros fan each week to see what it is about this team and these people that keep us coming back year after year no matter what the team's record is or who is on the field.

I'll ask each fan the same 9 questions (9 - get it?) and we'll see how varied the answers are. I'm looking forward to getting to know the fans and I hope you find this interesting as well. 

On the stage today- DeAnna Williamson, otherwise known as @ItsAllAboutDe. De's a longtime Astros fan that will tell you that when it comes to Astros fandom (and well, anything else) she's "kind of a big deal." She's a well known personality on twitter and if you're not following her for her book recommendations and librarian stories, you are completely missing out! Without further ado...

1. When did you become an Astros fan?
That's like asking when did I learn to breathe.  I've always lived here so as long as I've loved baseball (and that probably began in the womb) I've loved the Astros.

2. What part of the country do you hail from currently?
Right here in God's Country:  Texas.

3. Who is your all-time favorite Astros player?
There are so many former Astros that I absolutely love.  I could say Biggio?  That's easy.  Bagwell?  Sure.  Berkman?  Definitely. JR Richard, Richard Hildago, Jose Cruz, Nolan Ryan...they're all great guys...
But I will forever love Brad Lidge.  I'll get railed for it, I'm sure but I will always love Lights Out Lidge!

4. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter?
Smooth...always smooth!

5. Who is your favorite current Astros player and why?
Brandon Barnes.  How do you not love this guy?  Plays hard and lives his faith.  He's Superman.

6. If you could have any role within the Astros organization (on field or front office) what would it be?
I would want to be hired as the Director of Idiot Sciences.  I will tell people when they are making idiot decisions.  I do it on twitter all the time for FREE.

7. Best Astros memory?
Biggios 3000th hit.  When his family ran out to be with him on the field, when he coaxed Bagwell out to take a bow...well there wasn't a dry eye at that sushi bar.  (It was just me but whatever)

8. Do you get CSN Houston? (this is just my informal and unscientific poll)
Nope.  I don't get CSN.  Assholes.

9. What year will the Astros once again be a contender?
I think we'll be contending in 2015.

Thanks, De! Astros County is certainly more interesting and lively with you in it!