Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Mark Appel is a different sort of cat

Courtesy of the Albany Times-Union, here's a transcribed interview with Mark Appel, who probably isn't like any other baseball player.

Among the notable responses:

-If he could face any hitter, it would be Miguel Cabrera.
-If he could have dinner with any person, it would be C.S. Lewis. (The author did not know who C.S. Lewis was).
-He would like Vin Scully to call the last out of his no-hitter.


Hal said...

I like all 3 of those, especially the 2nd one.

Eric said...

Just because the interviewer asked Appel to explain who C.S. Lewis is doesn't mean he didn't know who Lewis is. Could just be asking Appel to put Lewis in context for the readers.