Monday, July 29, 2013

Jose Veras traded to Detroit

The Astros have traded closer Jose Veras to Detroit, according to Brian McTaggart, for outfielder Danry Vasquez and a Player To Be Named Later.

Vasquez is a 6'3" 177lb 19-year old lefty-throwing/righty-hitting outfielder from Venezuela, and has been with Detroit his entire career.

In 251 career minor-league games, Vasquez is hitting .276/.317/.368. This season, he's hitting .281/.333/.390 in his second stint with the West Michigan Whitecaps of the Low-A Midwest League. In 420 plate appearances he has 26 extra-base hits, 56 strikeouts and 31 walks and a .313 BABIP. At home this season, Vasquez is hitting .344/.391/.425, compared to .222/.280/.376 on the road. And his numbers this season are depressed from an April where he tallied a .604 OPS. Since May 1, he's hitting .290/.344/.427 and, again, is 19 years old.

Vasquez was Tigers' blog Bless You Boys' 4th-ranked prospect at the beginning of the 2013 season, writing (and this is but a brief pull from a thorough scouting report):
Vasquez's ceiling is that of an impact, middle of the order bat that hits over .300 consistently with 20+ HR power and tons of doubles, while playing a solid-average LF. Overall, he has the potential to be a perennial all-star, but it takes some dreaming to see it. The projection is there, and his best tool is the one tool that you'd want to be a prospects' best: his bat. He'll play the entire 2013 season at 19, undoubtedly at Class A-West Michigan. Ideally, if all goes well, he will be ready to compete for the starting LF job by 2016.

He was also ranked #4 in the Tigers' system by Jonathan Mayo, who said:
Vasquez is still very raw, but has the chance to keep hitting .300 as he moves up the ladder. He may never have a huge power profile, but he could be the type of hitter who runs into 12-15 homers annually.

West Michigan's manager, Larry Parrish said of Vasquez:
With his swinging mechanics, he's got a chance to hit. His total game, though, has to keep getting better.

And "one AL scout" said Vasquez has "double power," and "could blossom into a top-of-the-lineup player in the majors, but will have to work on his instincts in the outfield...he makes strong contact in hitter's counts and has the ability to put the ball in play with two strikes."

Vasquez will slide over to Quad Cities.

Obviously, this weakens an already-weak bullpen, but...the Astros are adding another valuable piece, just at the Low-A level. Here's hoping the Astros slide Jose Cisnero into the 9th inning or, you know, sign Brian Wilson.

But let's put it this way: In 2010 the Tigers signed Vasquez as an international free agent to a $1.2m signing bonus. The Astros signed Veras to a $1.85m contract for 2013, of which they have paid him approximately $1.19m. So the Astros basically swapped a 32-year old reliever for one of the Tigers' top prospects. It may be 2016 before we see him, but this is exactly why you sign guys like Jose Veras.


Anonymous said...

Where would you put Vazquez in the Astros top 50?

The Batguy said...

We were asked this on twitter. I'd put him solidly in the teens...14-18.

Anonymous said...

Just more of the same. Seriously, Brian Smith should ask Luhnow/Crane: what is the date when you actually try to win games?

Even if you are one that accepts the delayed gratification of this rebuild philosophy, you should ask yourself: Is this bare-bones mentality conducive to development of our prospects. You know, the lifeblood of the future, the foundation of THE PLAN. I maintain that the lack of any veteran player with enough skills to shoulder some of the load is retarding the development of our youngsters. Essentially, Luhnow has fostered an environment that makes it less likely the youngsters succeed.

It's not just the constant losing and loser environment which retards their development, it is the stress of having to carry more of the load than is normally asked of rookies. Just like other areas of life, an overly stressful environment weeds out more of the healthy than a less stressful environment.

Anonymous said...

I would be more excited if we were getting Veras and giving away Vazquez. We can use bullpen help. (Shaking my head on this one).

Anonymous said...

Good call on where he slots - MLB already moved him from DET No. 4 to HOU No. 16!

Anonymous said...

Question... Are the bullpen arms ALL that bad? Or is Porter struggling in how to use them? Maybe a combination of both?

Aren't there ANY live arms that we can use late in games?

It just seems to be a mess all the way around.

Blazemule said...

Hey he is a lefty hitter and a righty thrower, article has it flipped.

His value to me just tripled since I found that out!

Anonymous said...

PTBNL who do you all think it might be please?

Anonymous said...

Word is a quality piece. Probably an A-level pitcher ranked around No. 5-8 range for TIgers. That would mean Endrys Briceno, Jake Thompson or even Casey Crosby (preseason No. 5 - Luhnow-type post-hype guy).

The Batguy said...

I've got my sights set on a power-type arm, quite possibly a reliever. Melvin Mercedes would fit that role, for me. Hard sinking, mid-to-upper 90s fastball with a slider and change. Will Clinard and Matt Hoffman (L) would fit that mold, too. All three are AA or above right now.

Crosby is another interesting arm, though injuries and poor control have dropped his stock recently. He's currently on the 7-day DL.

That's all pure speculation, though.