Thursday, July 11, 2013

How Many People Are in this "Astros County" and Who in the World Are They?

I giggle every time I think of the premise of the Astros County site. The idea that the Astros don't have enough fans to fill a nation, but rather just a county has never been more accurate than in 2013. With that thought worming its way through my head I started to wonder about who these fans were living in my county. So it's time, Astros fans, to get to know your neighbor.

I'll be reaching out to an Astros fan each week to see what it is about this team and these people that keep us coming back year after year no matter what the team's record is or who is on the field.

I'll ask each fan the same 9 questions (9 - get it?) and we'll see how varied the answers are. I'm looking forward to getting to know the fans and I hope you find this interesting as well. If you want to play along, shoot me an email with your answers and maybe you'll be the next part of Astros County to share your fan history.

First up - @bbfanlady (she prefers we use her twitter name to protect the innocent). I can tell you this about her - she knows her stuff. A lifelong baseball fan, @bbfanlady has a great perspective on players, plays and like me, she's a fan of high socks.

1. When did you become an Astros fan? 
1999. I listened to them on the radio with my grandfather back when they were the Colt 45s, but they were my big brother's "team" so in true sibling rivalry, I had to like another team, the Dodgers, because of Sandy Koufax and Jim Lefebvre. 
2. What part of the country do you hail from currently? 
Houston Suburbs
3. Who is your all-time favorite Astros player? 
Lance Berkman 
4. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter? 
5. Who is your favorite current Astros player and why? 
Jarred Cosart. (Thank you Jeff Luhnow for calling him up in time for me to answer this question.) He has great stuff, love his intensity, and from what I hear from people who really know him, he is a good person off the field. 
6. If you could have any role within the Astros organization (on field or front office) what would it be? 
GM of course 
7. Best Astros memory?   
When Roger Clemens put on his cleats in extra innings of "the game" and told his Skipper, Garner, that he would give him everything he had left. It gave me goosebumps. I would not have been at all surprised if it had been Clemens instead of Burke that hit the game winning HR. 
8. Do you get CSN Houston? (this is just my informal and unscientific poll
Yes- broke down and got it on one TV because I was tired of watching on on my iPhone. Never figured out why I wasn't blacked out on iPhone, but was on iPad and computer. Guess they figured anybody desperate enough to watch on such a small screen, it was ok. But, kept my DirectTV and adding tv was basically free since I already had Internet/phone. I don't watch Comcast except for Astros games.
9. What year will the Astros once again be a contender? 

Many thanks to @bbfanlady for sharing a little bit about her Astros fandom...and peanut butter preferences.