Monday, July 15, 2013

Emory University study ranks Astros fans 6th in loyalty

I gotta be honest. I'm not sure about this. An Emory University study ranked Astros fans 6th in Major League Baseball in terms of loyalty and resiliency:

Over the last five years, Detroit has averaged about 2.8 million fans per year compared to about 2.4 million for the Astros.  But according to the Team Market Report the Astros have priced their tickets about 12% higher.  The end result is that the revenues of the two teams are fairly similar.  The key difference is that Detroit’s revenues are driven by a 53% winning rate compared to the Astros rate of about 43%.  Based purely on the quality of the clubs and adjusting for market size, we would expect that Detroit’s revenue would far exceed the Astros.  The fact that they don’t suggests that the Astros’ have the larger and more resilient fan base.

It covers the last five years of season data, so you can bet that, were they to take the last two years their results would be vastly different...