Saturday, July 13, 2013

Altuve signs extension

The Astros and Jose Altuve have agreed to a 4-year $12.5m extension with club options at $6m and $6.5m.


Anonymous said...

HEY!! Astros County!! Commentary is what you're good at. Provide some and give up just reporting news that everyone else is reporting!! That's what we all come here for. Seriously.

Hugs and Kisses ;-)

Anonymous said...

HEY!! Fellow Anonymous Provider of Internet Comments!! You are spot on with your criticism of Astros County's performance this weekend! Please provide your name and mailing address so that they can send you a refund for the hefty monthly fee you paid for their services. TYIA.

Anonymous said...

Oh Yeah!! Give me some kind of hell!! Give it to me real good!! It's all good. I can take it..

Love Always and Forever,

An Anonymous, Free-Loading, Mouthy Astros County Subscript!!

Hugs and Kisses!!


Blinutne said...

Actually, this kind of news is what I think Astros County does best. It's where I come first to get quick hits about what's going on with the Astros.

Now, the commentary and analysis is really awesome too, and we probably will see that hear later on sometime.

Blinutne said...

here* gah.