Monday, June 17, 2013

The Process begins at Tri-City

Something that we were talking about last night on the Crawfish Boxes' podcast was whether or not the Astros were going to start making personnel decisions based on the "process" that the Astros are beginning to instill. Short answer? Yep.

In Ed Weaver's Tri-City season preview piece (linked above), pitching coach Doug White:
The biggest thing is that they need to come in and understand the bigger picture of what’s really going on inside the game of professional baseball,” White said. “We try to give them a daily process that they can follow, that they can enjoy, that the believe in, that they have confidence in, so that every day they go out (on the field), there’s some concentrated reps, there’s focused reps. They’re learning about themselves, it’s not (just) a coach telling them what they’re doing. So, really what we need to do is see if they can buy into that kind of process, and then we go out every day and observe, especially the new guys.

Tri-City opens their season tonight (Monday) at 7pm Eastern with a series against Vermont.