Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Preston Tucker promoted

2012 7th Round pick Preston Tucker has been promoted from Lancaster to Corpus.

It's about time, too. The left-handed RF was hitting .326/.384/.544 with 18 doubles, a triple, and 15 homers. And 45 strikeouts and 29 walks. And before you go thinking, "Yeah, but Lancaster!" keep in mind that he hit .321/.390/.509 for Tri-City last year.

True, at Lancaster he's hitting .347/.405/.626 (.305/.364/.464 on the road), but how about this progression:
April: .281/.352/.490 (.841 OPS). 17K in 108 PAs.
May: .342/.400/.553 (.953 OPS). 18K in 130 PAs.
June: .352/.400/.591 (.991 OPS). 10K in 95 PAs.

Vs. Older Pitchers, Tucker has a .963 OPS, compared to an .870 OPS against Younger Pitchers.

Either way, it's a good move.