Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Josh Reddick and the Wayward Sunflower Seeds

Josh Reddick apologized today for an incident at Minute Maid Park last weekend that we didn't even know happened in the first place:

According to the employee, Reddick intentionally hit her in the face with sunflower seeds while she was handing out free t-shirts in the stands during last Saturday’s game. She said she informed the Oakland A’s of the incident but was told by the organization that the matter would be handled internally.

The employee, a member of the Shooting Stars, wrote the A's a letter (which can be read in full here) which said, in part:
I am sure hundreds of kids witnessed Josh hitting me in the face with sunflower seeds and that makes me more upset than anything. Where I come from, men don't treat women like that...I don't care if he is fined or even penalized. Quite frankly, the only resolution I wanted from the entire ordeal was an apology from him, even if it was forced by the A's organization.

Reddick apologized on Twitter today. His apology, typed out using what I believe is the ColorNote app, reads (sic):
For all of you who know or have heard about my sunflower seed incident in Houston. All I was trying to do was have fun with the mascot. I flip seeds in every stadium at the mascot. It was just unfortunate that I hits n employee throwing tshirts. I am deeply sorry for what I've done. It will not happen again.