Sunday, June 9, 2013

John Ely needed Tommy John surgery years ago

The Northwest Indiana Times, John Ely's hometown-ish newspaper, talked to John Ely. And John Ely told the Northwest Indiana Times that Dr. James Andrews said that John Ely probably tore his UCL when he was a teenager.

Something in there was allowing me to pitch for how many years. It finally blew up in my face. (Andrews) wasn't convinced I needed (Tommy John) going in, but when he went in, he found the ligament was completely torn.

So, I suppose, you can't chalk it up to the Astros not doing their homework on Ely. Neither had the Dodgers.


Anonymous said...

This is great!! He could get a lot better after TJ surgery! Who cares about when it happened and whether it showed up on physicals. When a pitcher performs badly, and becomes trade-able, health is often one of the few correctable reasons why.

Anonymous said...

I think Ely came to the Dodgers from the White Sox, so....3 organizations that couldn't diagnose this problem.....