Thursday, June 13, 2013

Draft Signings Update

So as we sit here, one week after the draft, let's do a little run-down of who has signed, who won't, and is still playing in the College World Series. For full sourced updates check the 2013 Draft page.


Conrad Gregor - 4th Round
Tony Kemp - 5th Round
James Ramsay - 7th Round
Jason Martin - 8th Round
Kyle Westwood - 13th Round
Adam Nelubowich - 18th Round
Sebastian Kessay - 22nd Round
Thomas Lindauer - 23rd Round
Albert Minnis - 25th Round
Austin Chrismon - 26th Round
Pat Christensen - 27th Round
Randall Fant - 29th Round
Zach Morton - 32nd Round
Brett Booth - 34th Round
Tyler Brunnemann - 40th Round

Still playing in the College World Series

Kent Emanuel - 3rd Round
Brian Holberton - 9th Round
Chris Cotton - 14th Round
Jake Rodriguez - 19th Round

Undrafted Free Agent Signings

Jack Mayfield
Troy Scribner

Won't be Signing

James Farris - 15th Round
Kacy Clemens - 35th Round