Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Athlon Sports' MLB Player Poll

Athlon Sports conducted an MLB Player Poll in which apparently over 20% of players responded. So what?

*4.3% of respondents said that they would never play for the Astros.
*6% said that Houston should be replaced as an MLB city.
*Proving that MLB players are stupid, Derek Jeter led the way (after "None") in voting as the player they'd most like their daughter to marry.


Hal said...

It's interesting that 11.3% said they'd take less money to play for the Yankees, but 13.5% said they'd never play for the Yankees.

The Astros actually came in 6th in the "What team would you never play for" question behind None, NYY, MIA, TOR, and PIT. If this was a poll asking national media writers what they think MLB players would say, they'd probably a lot higher on that list.

Hal said...

Also, maybe an example proving that some MLB players aren't stupid, 9.2% named their wife as the hottest woman alive.

Anonymous said...

Well if one of those respondents was Matt Latos, that skews the % a bit. God, Dallas Latos...