Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reaction to the Reid Ryan hiring

This seems to be the Series Premiere of the new romantic comedy "Everybody Loves Reid Ryan." Here's some reaction for you:

Jose de Jesus Ortiz:
In last 15 hours, I've spoken with over a dozen folks who have worked with Reid Ryan, and they all love him.

Morgan Ensberg:
Reid Ryan to become President of Astros!!! We are totally going to get @RRExpressback!!!!! #PassTheHat supported my family!!! Thx RR.

And here:
"This would be considered the single greatest move possible, meaning on the field or off the field."

Bud Norris:
Congrats to Reid Ryan!!! I have come very close with the Ryan family over the years. Family is what is its all about. The Ryan's are family

Tracy Ringolsby:
Astros benefit from Rangers jealousy if read Ryan becomes Houston prxy. More thanhe son of Nolan he is excellent bizman and baseball mind.

Phil Garner:
"He was a pretty good athlete. Reid has always had a pretty good knack for business.He’s a good people person."

Brian McTaggart
My 2 cents: I've know Reid Ryan for quite a while & all the good things you hear are true. Very smart, personable. Good public face for team

Sports Business Journal's Eric Fisher:
Reid Ryan, to be named new prez of #Astros, will be a popular pick. Well regarded in minors, a baseball guy, and one who has made own name


Anonymous said...

Great hire for the Astros. Reid Ryan, being the architect behind founding the Round Rock Express and having a Rangers exhibition game in San Antonio will be a key cog in regaining the Astros previous foothold in Central and South Texas. The Rangers seemingly had a permanent stranglehold over the region with their current affiliation with the Round Rock Express, but the Astros now have a President who can repair the public relations nightmare brought on by the Postolos regime and strengthen the clubs fan base.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. Great pick up by Crane and the Astros. Reid will do an incredible job for the Astros!