Thursday, May 16, 2013

Reaction to the Reid Ryan hiring

This seems to be the Series Premiere of the new romantic comedy "Everybody Loves Reid Ryan." Here's some reaction for you:

Jose de Jesus Ortiz:
In last 15 hours, I've spoken with over a dozen folks who have worked with Reid Ryan, and they all love him.

Morgan Ensberg:
Reid Ryan to become President of Astros!!! We are totally going to get @RRExpressback!!!!! #PassTheHat supported my family!!! Thx RR.

And here:
"This would be considered the single greatest move possible, meaning on the field or off the field."

Bud Norris:
Congrats to Reid Ryan!!! I have come very close with the Ryan family over the years. Family is what is its all about. The Ryan's are family

Tracy Ringolsby:
Astros benefit from Rangers jealousy if read Ryan becomes Houston prxy. More thanhe son of Nolan he is excellent bizman and baseball mind.

Phil Garner:
"He was a pretty good athlete. Reid has always had a pretty good knack for business.He’s a good people person."

Brian McTaggart
My 2 cents: I've know Reid Ryan for quite a while & all the good things you hear are true. Very smart, personable. Good public face for team

Sports Business Journal's Eric Fisher:
Reid Ryan, to be named new prez of #Astros, will be a popular pick. Well regarded in minors, a baseball guy, and one who has made own name