Friday, May 10, 2013

Ranking the Adjectives

My curiosity was piqued by StrosDude9 when he tweeted this: Which go

Wish writers would be more creative with their adjectives to describe the Astros. "Lowly" has been ran into the ground

Which got me wondering: How many times have the Astros been described as "Lowly?" So I did a Google News search for "Lowly Astros." And then I thought about all of the adjectives used to describe them, and rank them in order of usage. Here are your results:

Lowly: 260
Woeful: 25
Awful: 4
"Astro-Nots:" 1 (and it's my favorite)
God-Awful: 1
Terrible: 1
Silly: 1
Ghastly: 1
Horrible: 1
Ninny: 0
Cotton-headed: 0