Monday, May 20, 2013

Monday Morning Link Dump

Articles from the last 24 hours that I don't have time upon which to post them separately:

*Awful Announcing on the CSN Houston deal. Takeaway: CSN Houston is asking for more per subscriber than the YES Network. 

*The Daily Telegraph (in Australia) has a fun story on Travis Blackley. From the story, we find that Blackley is:
  • More than happy to move into the rotation.
  • Liking it in Houston.
  • Would like a long-term deal.
  • Writing off the playoffs, but they have apparently set a goal of .500.
  • Reminded of the Kansas City Royals when he looks at the Astros
*Bo Porter is keeping a list of Missed Wins. 

*Jon Singleton will begin his comeback next week in Quad Cities and will end up in OKC. He could be in line for a late-season call-up.