Monday, May 13, 2013

George Postolos resigns

In a total shock move, Astros Team President/CEO George Postolos has resigned his position. Sports Business Journal's Eric Fisher says he will again be running The Postolos Group, aiding team acquisitions and sports entertainment strategy.

Stunning move. More as we learn it, but I can't help if the almost-total failure of CSN Houston (a deal Postolos helped engineer) has anything to do with it.

Postolos worked with Crane for seven years to acquire a franchise. Brian Smith has a quote:

I am very proud of what Jim accomplished with my help – acquiring a major league franchise with a strong and diverse ownership group, developing and implementing a good plan for the team’s future, and assembling a first rate management team. I look forward to helping other investors pursue their objectives in sports knowing that Jim and the Astros organization are off to a great start and well positioned for future success. 

So it seems as though nobody really liked George Postolos.

Jose de Jesus Ortiz called it "positive news, and that "Crane ultimately would have to get rid of Postolos this year." He continued, saying the "Postolos regime treated baseball as though it were basketball, got rid of a lot of institutional knowledge and it has bit them badly."

Brian Smith said there was a divide within the organization and that many were unhappy with Postolos' decisions. Smith echoed Ortiz's thoughts, saying Postolos would be "fall guy" later this season or after the current season.

Danny Knobler didn't even try to spin it, and just said that "Many in org didn't like him."

Greg Lucas: "Astros on-field record/performance not why Postolos is packing it in."


Anonymous said...

I still don't think this will change the debacle at CSN. As far as I'm concerned......ALL OF THEM SHOULD BE FIRED.....and you can start with Jim Crane.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't know about any of this because I still can't catch a game! I agree with the above comment. fire them all.....

Anonymous said...

My name is Becky, the first post is mine. I can't see the games EITHER, because we have suddenlink. exactly 8:13 P.M. 790am
goes off the air, so I can't HEAR them either. I'm so pissed off about the CSN debacle I could punch Jim Crane in the mouth. Grrrr

Anonymous said...

I have never gone this long without watching a game. I agree with Becky, someone needs to be punched in the trachea!

Anonymous said...

As far as the CSN thing, its a two way street. The Astros and Rockets just want the same deal the rest of the regional sports networks are getting. Heck they put it on for free for a month and I still don't think most of the providers are showing the free preview.

Anonymous said...

Freeview? If it was really a free view they would drop the blackout restriction and all of us could watch it on

I agree with Becky too. Although I did get to watch the ranger series on tv and it was painful listening to the rangers announcers.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure why Crane is getting all the blame for the CSN debacle. The change was in the works for 3 years prior to McLane selling the team. You'd think that it would've been worked out sooner. I'm not saying doesn't deserve Crane some of the blame, but in the end, he has to make a smart financial decision. Just look at all the new TV contracts being handed out all over baseball. For example, the Indians, in the bottom 5 in attendance, signed a new deal that will pay them $50 million extra per season. If Crane took what the providers were offering, it would pay them less than $20 million per season. That's NOT fair market value. Jim Crane is not as rich as Drayton McLane. McLane could support the higher payroll because of his other business expenditures. Crane can't do that. That makes the TV revenue so important..

Anonymous said...

Where did you get the $20 million figure from?

Anonymous said...

Apples and Oranges. Cleveland sold their network to Fox. Comcast is trying to license based on the End Providers viewers. Astros viewers have declined for years. Hell last year alot of games were not even on tv. I wish we could see the deal but all you can find is Comcast wants what they feel is Fair Market Value. Why pick on crane? Maybe because he owns the biggest piece of CSN. So far he has been a complete failure at getting this done.

Sign a bad one or two year deal and work on improving your product and rebuild the number of viewers. otherwise you will always be dealing from a position of weakness.

Our payroll is almost entirely covered by the luxury tax.

Anonymous said...

Over the next 10yrs. Jim Crane will POCKET...100 million for his interest in CSN. How's THAT for doing nothing. AND.....*NOT ONE*
provider picked up the "free" 30 day deal that was offered. NOT ONE.