Saturday, May 25, 2013

From the Office of the County Clerk: G49 - Astros v. Athletics

A.J. Griffin (4-3, 3.59) vs Lucas Harrell (3-5, 4.63)

Take consolation in this, Astros fans - Houston has never been swept in a season series longer than six games (and that just once, against Arizona last year). So at some point this season, odds are almost certain that the Astros will beat the A's. That point is just not tonight. In spite of four home runs, Houston falls to Oakland again 11-5, and drops to 14-35 overall.

On the Mound:

*You'd think after two 8-run outings, the worst should be behind for Lucas Harrell. He didn't give up 8 runs tonight, but this was his shortest start of the season by far. A disastrous 2nd inning ended Lucas' night early, along with Houston's hopes, after a 1.2 IP / 6 H / 6 R / 6 ER / 3 BB / 1 K line.

*Edgar Gonzalez got Houston through the 6th, and fared somewhat better than Harrell, but his was still a take-one-for-the-team outing with a 4.1 IP / 8 H / 4 R / 4 ER / 1 BB / 2 K line.

*Travis Blackley gave up a double in a scoreless 7th inning.

*Wesley Wright allowed a RBI double in a one-run 8th.

*Then Hector Ambriz handled the 9th, allowing a single but following with a double play to face the minimum.

At the Plate:

*Houston's offense should have been the story tonight, were it not for the abysmal pitching. Jason Castro led the attack with his 5th and 6th home runs of the season, and added a RBI single to finish 3 for 4 with 3 RBI and a K.

*Matt Dominguez matched Castro's feat, blasting his 6th and 7th home runs of the season, going 2 for 4 with 2 RBI and a K.

*Jose Altuve doubled and scored a run, also adding a single to go 2 for 5.

*Robbie Grossman is up to a five-game hitting streak (and eight-game on-base streak) again, after going 1 for 5 with a K tonight.

*Jimmy Paredes had the other hit, going 1 for 4 with 2 K.

Turning Point:

After a 1-2-3 1st, the 2nd went south very quickly for Harrell. The sequence went like this: single, single, walk, double, single, RBI ground out, single, fly out, walk, single, walk. The damage totalled six runs before Edgar Gonzalez came on for the final out.

Man of the Match:

Jason Castro. Now hitting .299 with 5 HR since April 21.

Goat of the Game:

Lucas Harrell. After a mostly dominant April, he's been alternating good and bad starts in May.


Anonymous said...

I'm so damned pissed off at him I could punch him in the mouth. Why in God's name does Porter have those INSANE shifts on behind Harrell????? AND......LUCAS IS A DISASTER, when he has to throw to Castro! WHY BO....WHY?????????????

Anonymous said...

Why blame Porter for a pitcher who is always in search of an excuse? The shift. The catcher. Harrell's a head case, and that is his responsibility, not Porter's.

Anonymous said...

Look Bo should get some blame but Lucas needs to grow up. He has complained/blamed defensive shifts for his failing in the past. To start the second did you see that bunt and his reaction? What a crybaby. Then he left everything up. He needs to stop acting like Carlos Zambrano when something goes wrong. Too bad he has some real talent.

Anonymous said...

This is something I've seen before when the O's were rebuilding for forever. When losing starts happening on a regular basis it makes players slump harder and stay in their head.

Harrell is letting things get to him. I don't think he, or Norris will be around too much longer. I think they will both be shipped off.

Norris will get traded because of demand, Harrell if he doesn't cut it out, will be shipped off because of attitude.

It's very important that they get the #1 pick again in the draft. This will help the major rebuild they have committed too. Harrell and Norris both will not help this team win a lot more games.

Just so it's known though, I do like both pitchers. I really like Norris and wish that he would continue to grow and develop. I think he has more in him and could really take a step forward on a more competitive team. I think that that is the atmosphere that he craves.

On a good note: Castro and Dominguez are looking better and better and add altuve and you have some things to start building on. When you add in Springer, DeShields, and Singleton, it gets a little exciting for the future. We just need a little more pitching help.