Wednesday, May 1, 2013

CSN Houston accuses Suddenlink of bias

A week after CSN Houston offered the network, free of charge, until the end of May has gone by - with nary a provider picking it up.

Suddenlink acted the fool in a response to President/GM Matt Hutchings, reports David Barron:
Suddenlink, you may recall, issued a tartly worded statement last week regarding the CSN free view offer, saying that “free is the right price for putting their network on our expanded basic level of service.” I think that even dispassionate observers would agree that was something akin to a gratuitous insult on Suddenlink’s part, and it seems to have upped the rhetorical ante on Hutchings’ part as well.

Hutchings responded:
“We cannot allow Suddenlink to favor Dallas based teams over Houston teams in this territory,” he said. “Fans of Houston teams should not be treated differently than the way you treat every one of your other customers nationwide.


Anonymous said...

I really don't understand the public negotiation. Who are the arguments for, anyway?

I suppose if I was bugging the carriers, this would provide intellectually defensible ammo, but getting me to bug the carriers hinges on passion, not intellect.

Crane really misjudged things. He needs passionate fans, or at least fans with some goodwill towards him to win this battle. Due to his own doing, he has little of either.

Anonymous said...

I have Suddenlink, and had to GO IN PERSON to complain. They essentially told me "no". My bill is $200.00 a month, and they treat us like CRAP.

Anonymous said...

The fact that they are willing to put fsn southwest (showing rangers, mavs, etc) on basic cable but not csn houston is the most serious blow against the cable companies/directvs position. They say they only want fans of the team to have to pay for the channel but are forcing me against my will to subsidize dallas sports which I hate.

Anonymous said...

I agree *100%*.

Imasalmon said...

I'd say that Suddenlink's response is pretty visceral towards fans. I can't understand how a fan of any of these teams would side with the carriers over CSN after reading something like that.