Wednesday, May 1, 2013

CSN Houston accuses Suddenlink of bias

A week after CSN Houston offered the network, free of charge, until the end of May has gone by - with nary a provider picking it up.

Suddenlink acted the fool in a response to President/GM Matt Hutchings, reports David Barron:
Suddenlink, you may recall, issued a tartly worded statement last week regarding the CSN free view offer, saying that “free is the right price for putting their network on our expanded basic level of service.” I think that even dispassionate observers would agree that was something akin to a gratuitous insult on Suddenlink’s part, and it seems to have upped the rhetorical ante on Hutchings’ part as well.

Hutchings responded:
“We cannot allow Suddenlink to favor Dallas based teams over Houston teams in this territory,” he said. “Fans of Houston teams should not be treated differently than the way you treat every one of your other customers nationwide.