Monday, April 1, 2013

Who Still Here?

Let's look at the amateur drafts from 2008 to 2011 and see who is still in the system (either in the Majors, or currently assigned to a full-season minor-league team):


Jason Castro (1st Round): Houston
Jordan Lyles (1st Round, supplemental): Oklahoma City
Ross Seaton (3rd Round): Corpus
Luis Cruz (9th Round): Lancaster
Rene Garcia (35th Round): Corpus


Jio Mier (1st Round): Corpus
Jonathan Meyer (3rd Round): Corpus
Enrique Hernandez (6th Round): Corpus
Dallas Keuchel (7th Round): Oklahoma City
Ben Orloff (9th Round): Corpus
Erik Castro (10th Round): Corpus
Jake Goebbert (13th Round): Oklahoma City
J.D. Martinez (20th Round): Houston


Mike Foltynewicz (1st Round): Lancaster
Delino DeShields (1st Round): Lancaster
Vincent Velasquez (2nd Round): Quad Cities
Austin Wates (3rd Round): Corpus
Bobby Doran (4th Round): Corpus
Roberto Pena (7th Round): Quad Cities
Jake Buchanan (8th Round): Corpus
Tommy Shirley (9th Round): Lancaster
Andrew Robinson (12th Round): Corpus
Jordan Scott (14th Round): Quad Cities
Chris Wallace (16th Round): Oklahoma City
Alex Sogard (26th Round): Corpus


George Springer (1st Round): Corpus
Nick Tropeano (5th Round): Corpus
Brandon Meredith (6th Round): Lancaster
Jonas Dufek (9th Round): Lancaster
Kyle Hallock (10th Round): Quad Cities
Zach Johnson (15th Round): Lancaster
Tyson Perez (17th Round): Lancaster
Mitchell Lambson (19th Round): Lancaster
Matt Duffy (20th Round): Lancaster
Drew Muren (22nd Round): Lancaster
Jesse Wierzbicki (24th Round): Quad Cities
Chase Davidson (41st Round): Quad Cities
Chris Epps (45th Round): Lancaster