Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Bronx is seething

When the Astros win, obviously I'm pleased. But an unexpected development of the young season is that my favorite part of an Astros win is to read the other team's media just for the HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY HAPPEN reaction. Let's take a glance around the NY media, shall we?

The New York Times:
The Astros came into Monday’s game with mostly anonymous players, the worst record in the league, and the worst pitching staff in the majors with an earned run average of 5.51...The Yankees had won four in a row, and the Astros had lost four straight at Boston, all by at least four runs. These were two teams with widely different aspirations, but for one cold, gloomy night, it was all in reverse.

New York Daily News:
There were no smiles for anyone else. After four days in which it seemed like every day another newcomer was adding meat to their pinstriped comeback story, the Yankees lost, mostly because of a bad night by one of their best.  

New York Post (whose Joel Sherman closes with the trusty, "Houston, We Have a Problem):
It took, of all things, being on the same field with the worst team in the American League, maybe one of the worst teams ever, to serve as a harsh reminder just how depleted the Yankees’ lineup is these days.
ESPN New York:

Andy Pettitte did not get the license numbers of the trucks that hit him Monday night at Yankee Stadium. He did not know the names of the players who did the most damage against him, because most of them were in high school when Pettitte put his three years in as a member of the Houston Astros back in 2004-06.

Andy Pettitte:
“You all know how I feel about this game. You’ve been around me enough. We’ve been playing well. To come out here and give up those five runs that early in the game and not give us a chance to win, it makes me sick to my stomach.”

Pettitte also seemingly had no idea who the Astros were:
"I threw a pretty good cutter to the No. 2 hitter, and then after that it just kind of abandoned me," Pettitte said. The Astros' No. 2 hitter is named Brandon Barnes, and he enjoyed a career night, with three hits (two doubles) and three RBIs.