Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Randy Harvey's Western Adventure

The Chronicle's Randy Harvey is apparently in Lancaster, California. How do we know this? Because there are two excellent pieces today on the JetHawks.

Here's his piece on Mike Foltynewicz, with your money quote:
"I've been a No. 1 since high school. My goal is to be a No. 1 at the highest level. That's something I can see myself doing in five or six years: being No. 1 for the Astros.''

(If he wants to shorten that to "two or three" years, that'd be cool.)

And on Delino DeShields, who doesn't seem too thrilled to not be in Corpus. DeShields, who is just two years younger than Jose Altuve:
“Altuve is the guy right now. I accept that. He’s a good player, a really good player. I do think they’ve given me a fair chance to prove myself. But that doesn’t affect my mindset. I’m going to play hard every day and try to take his job.”