Monday, April 1, 2013

Randy Galloway troll so hard

Here's the Fort Worth Star-Telegram's Randy Galloway on last night's game, in which he calls the Astros "the reputed lowest form of baseball humanity," and quotes an unnamed NL scout as referring to the Astros as a "bleeping disgrace to the game."

On Justin Maxwell: "A kid with some game."

On Jose Altuve: "A good little hitter."

That's solid, Major-League player research right there.

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Terence said...

Your weekly reminder that Randy Galloway is a BBWAA member, has a HOF vote, and is glad that writers did the "right thing" by not voting for Clemens or Bonds. He himself only voted for 4 candidates excluding Bagwell, but including Biggio and.......Sammy Sosa.