Thursday, April 25, 2013

Projected Super-Two cutoff date

Thanks to MLBTrade Rumors, we find that the projected cut-off date for Super Two status (in which a player who is promoted for the first time before a certain date gets an extra year of arbitration) is June 3.

So this means Paul Clemens, Brett Oberholtzer, Jose Cisnero, and Robbie Grossman will all qualify for Super-Two status, should that day come. It also means you can probably pencil that date in as the absolute earliest you'll see Jarred Cosart or Jon Singleton (who is eligible to come off the suspended list in late May).


Terence said...

I might be mistaken but I'm pretty sure I'm not. These rules are so screwy. The cut-off date assumes the player comes up that day and stays on the 25 man roster accumulating MLB service time. If the player goes back down to AAA at some point, they don't necessarily achieve the service time required to achieve Super-Two status. Clemens, Oberholtzer, Cisnero, and Grossman will probably not be on the 25 man roster enough this year to get those 119 days of service-time.

Astros County said...

Now that is absolutely true, and is an excellent point. Terence 1, AC 0