Thursday, April 18, 2013

Notes on the A's series

Some thoughts on the disastrous A's series:

*The Astros have been swept twice this season. In 3+ game series in 2012, they were swept ten times.
*Rick Ankiel has five hits this season. Three of them have left the park - that's the fewest hits among players with 3+ HR.
*Carlos Pena had a nice series, going 4x10 with 2HR, 3K:2BB. He raised his OPS 144 points in these three games.
*Likewise, Jose Altuve was 6x12 with a walk in the series. His 23 hits this season are tied for 3rd-most in MLB.
*Yesterday Altuve also got his 250th career ML hit in his 219th game at 22 years, 11 months, and 12 days. Craig Biggio got his 250th hit 287 games into his career. Jeff Bagwell got his 250th hit in his 254th career game.
*Chris Carter has seven strikeouts in his last 17 PAs, and his 23Ks are tied with Colby Rasmus to lead the Majors.
*Brett Wallace has played once since April 9. But despite playing in seven games this season (24 ABs), he's still tied for 14th in strikeouts. The next-highest AB total among players with 17+ strikeouts is...Rick Ankiel, who has struck out 20 times in 28ABs.

*In 24IP, the pitching staff allowed 28H/22ER, 17K:18BB and allowed 12 extra-base hits.
*Starters managed to pitch only 5.1 of those 24 innings. Which means that the bullpen had to throw 18.2IP in three games.
*Erik Bedard, Brad Peacock, and Bud Norris combined for 5.1IP, 11H/15ER, 8K:10BB. If you're scoring at home, that's a 3.96 WHIP.
*Bedard's 20 Game Score was beaten by Norris' 15. Average Game Score across the three games was 27.3.

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