Thursday, April 25, 2013

Leitch, on Astros fans

I am a long-time fan of Will Leitch, back to his Deadspin days. So when he posted his summation of the different baseball fanbases at Sports on Earth, I paid attention.

Here's his take on the Astros' fanbase:
I'm pretty sure the 'Stros stand in their own category right now, because no franchise has ever quite done what management is doing here. If they can muddle through what are going to be some absolutely brutal seasons, there could be a reward at the end, but no one would blame them for mentally checking out for a while.

I'm still chewing on it. My thoughts later, how about yours now?

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Anonymous said...

I checked out last year for a considerable period, despite continuing to read my favorite Astros blogs daily.

The grind of painful, desperate games is much less enjoyable than spending an hour reading up on minor league games, trade transactions, and analysis of the few potential long-term contributors at the big league level.

I'm a die hard Astros fan and can watch up to five games a week (via during an interesting series or when I want to check out an individual player, but the losing is taxing after awhile.

I'll still be there, anxiously reading at my computer during the regular season and chewing up the hot stove, winter news every off season... awaiting our return to prominence!

In Luhnow, we trust!