Friday, April 26, 2013

Jimmy Paredes: More positions than the Kama Sutra

Here's a good article from The Oklahoman on Jimmy Paredes, and how the Astros are just trying to find a position for him.

Assistant GM David Stearns:
“Whenever you walk into a ballpark his repertoire really stands out because of how exciting a player he can be. The challenge for Jimmy is finding where he's most comfortable playing.”

Paredes, who is hitting .351/.407/545 with 14K:8BB and nine extra-base hits, is focusing more on his defense:

“My focus is on defense right now. I know about hitting. The one thing I'm working on ... is the strike zone discipline, wait on more pitches that I can drive. But my (primary) focus is defense.”

In 2012-13 for OKC, Paredes has played 2B (102 games), CF (49 games), LF (2 games), 3B (14 games), RF (7 games). If Bo Porter is using the DH as a way to give players some time off while still keeping their bat in the lineup, Paredes might be an attractive candidate for a call-up simply because he can play just about anywhere.


John Martin said...

Yeah, he's played at a bunch of different positions but he's not good at any of them.

Reuben said...

What John said. Paredes looked terrible in the outfield when they called him up last year - unfortunate, because I thought last August that he had a decent chance to be the 2013 CF, based on his hitting potential and athleticism. For some reason the athleticism and quickness hasn't translated into good defense, because he's always been noted as having stone hands at 2B and 3B.