Friday, April 26, 2013

Jimmy Paredes: More positions than the Kama Sutra

Here's a good article from The Oklahoman on Jimmy Paredes, and how the Astros are just trying to find a position for him.

Assistant GM David Stearns:
“Whenever you walk into a ballpark his repertoire really stands out because of how exciting a player he can be. The challenge for Jimmy is finding where he's most comfortable playing.”

Paredes, who is hitting .351/.407/545 with 14K:8BB and nine extra-base hits, is focusing more on his defense:

“My focus is on defense right now. I know about hitting. The one thing I'm working on ... is the strike zone discipline, wait on more pitches that I can drive. But my (primary) focus is defense.”

In 2012-13 for OKC, Paredes has played 2B (102 games), CF (49 games), LF (2 games), 3B (14 games), RF (7 games). If Bo Porter is using the DH as a way to give players some time off while still keeping their bat in the lineup, Paredes might be an attractive candidate for a call-up simply because he can play just about anywhere.