Monday, April 1, 2013

Astros trying to buy the Zephyrs?

Ballpark Digest - which is legit - is reporting that Jim Crane/Astros are in negotiations to purchase the New Orleans Zephyrs for "north of" $20m and then moving them to Montgomery County.

While they're at it, they're also reporting that the Astros are looking to join forces with the Blue Jays to share a Spring Training facility in Palm Beach County (where, if you remember, Crane owns a big ol' golf course).


Anonymous said...

I still don't get the reasoning. Why is it so important to have a minor league presence so close?

It seems more prudent to try to expand your market by moving a franchise to another Texas area rather than an area that is presumably already yours.

The San Antonio area seems prime: either by buying the current franchise and moving it to AAA or relocating another franchise to an area in the Austin-SA corridor.

Paul said...

I'm in NOLA and go to Zephyrs games a lot. And I'm a big Astros fan from birth. But if they take the Zephyrs from us I will have to give up the Astros. The Zephyrs are the only game in town close to major league and they are fun to attend. Also, the games seats are typically filled with young ball teams on an outing to watch good baseball. It is good for New Orleans.

We have a large gathering of Astros fans here in New Orleans. But we are all slowly getting disenfranchised. Curiously enough our local affiliate is starting to show Braves games instead. Ugh...But it's apparent that the Astros are not interested in New Orleans fans. Then why the blackout?