Thursday, March 7, 2013

The Astros and Nolan Ryan

Given all the hand-wringing in the Metroplex over the Nolan Ryan saga, there are a few pieces out in the last few hours that say the Astros should bring the Ryan Express back to Houston. Regard:

ESPN's Johnette Howard:

Besides, the Astros are so adrift that fixing them is a huge job for just one man. They've gotten big and small things wrong for years on the field and in the community. It's almost incomprehensible to read that in this day and age, even their local TV coverage stinks. Their games are on TV only about 40 percent of the time...Ryan would know how to handle that.

ESPNDallas' Richard Durrett:

The last thing this ownership group should want is for Ryan to leave. I say that not only because of the public relations nightmare but also because Ryan still has value. Just because Daniels is the guy running the day-to-day activities of baseball operations doesn't mean Ryan doesn't matter.

ESPNDallas' Jean-Jaques Taylor:

And if you have to choose between having a terrific 66-year-old or a terrific 35-year-old guy run an organization, you should bet on youth every time.

And Jose de Jesus Ortiz brought some noise:

With a major league record seven no-hitters and toughness that embodies Texas and gritty Houston, Ryan is arguably the greatest name in Astros history. If the Rangers are silly enough to let him walk away, the Ryan Express needs to park at Minute Maid Park forever.

I'm still figuring out how I feel about this. Your thoughts? 


Anonymous said...

"Their games are on TV only 40% of the time." That made me laugh. Simple statistics seem to overwhelm small minds.

Andrew said...

The 40% statistic made me laugh too.

As for Nolan, on the surface it sounds like a great idea, but when you start to think about what type of position he would want, I don't see the Astros being able to offer him that. Jeff has full and complete control of the baseball side. I dont think it would be beneficial in any way at this point for Jeff to give up any of his control even if it is to Nolan Ryan. I would be open to replacing Postolos but he and Crane seem to have a pretty good working relationship so I doubt that Crane would be looking to replace him. Also, I don't think Nolan would be interested in only being on the business side of the club.

There is no way that Nolan would be willing to accept a position such as Special Adviser or anything like that. He wants the same level of control as what he had with the Rangers and I don't see the Astros being able to offer that at this time.