Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jim Crane is pissed, won't blink

Jim Crane said tonight that the Astros/CSN Houston aren't interested in lowering their price.

Everybody is waiting until the last minute to see who is going to blink. I can guarantee you we will not blink. We're in it for the long run. We're in it to fix the team. We're in it to build a winner, and this is a big part of building a winner.

Instead of blinking, he's encouraging you to yell and swear and protest and make signs and stuff.

CSN Houston President/General Manager Andrew Hutchings doesn't exactly put a positive spin on you seeing that first game on the network on Tuesday, saying that they have made concessions on subscriber fees:

“We have gone back and forth (with providers). We have placed proposals in front of them, but the bottom line we are feeling is that the providers simply are just unwilling to move unless they are absolutely forced to, and that is with the fans out there and their customers demanding that they get this deal done...Despite our own efforts, we are growing less optimistic by the day that we will reach agreement (by the opening series). We’re concerned with that.”
There you have it, friends. They've had since 2010 to figure this crap out, and unless somebody bends, the fans will be in the loss column. 


Anonymous said...

If it depends on fans calling their providers, it probably is not going to happen. I don't sense that level of passion from the shrinking fan base.

Anonymous said...

Meh. I'll just stream the games via first row sports until a deal is reached. No sweat here.

Anonymous said...

Crude way of getting more ticket sales? Also ruined the most exciting Rockets team in forever��

Anonymous said...

It is obviously the fans fault. It they had only complained to their TV providers, then Crane would have gotten deal he wanted.......Sarcasm intended. This team is in desperate need of a good PR person on business side to tell people when to just shut up.

Samuel Garza said...
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Samuel Garza said...

I live in DC and simply plan on using MLB's Gameday Audio to listen to the games. I do feel sorry for most fans in Houston, however.

If you read back about the history of Houston baseball, this reminds me (sort of) of a situation that occurred way back when.

From Wikipedia:

"Although performing well for the beginning of the season, the team discovered that their home stadium, the Houston Base Ball Park would be demolished in the middle of their season. Evicted by June of 1904, the team was forced to move to an old horseracing track near Harrisburg Boulevard. At the time, the city's streetcars did not reach to this part of Houston, and fans were forced to ride the rest of the way in horse-drawn carts. With such a hassle for fans, attendance dropped dramatically, and the club was quickly losing money with rent to the racetrack. Instead of maintaining a home field in Houston, the team eventually opted to finish the rest of its season on the road, but Houston was ordered by league president Bliss Gorham to continue playing at home. Reilly complied, but by this time, the team became popularly known as the "Wanderers" in the local newspapers."

Keep up the great work, Astros County.