Thursday, March 7, 2013

Erik Bedard's strained butt muscle: Impact, and you

As mentioned yesterday, Erik Bedard has a strained right gluteal muscle, which is DOCTORCODE for "he strained the right side of his ass."

But Bedard isn't being cheeky about it, it's happened before - in 2008, as Brian Smith let everyone know this morning. So what does that mean for the Astros?

Maybe not so much. In Bedard's first five starts in 2008 after injuring said buttock, he threw 31.2IP, allowing 20H/7ER, 25K:14BB for a .583 OPS-against and a .184 BABIP. He had two disaster starts in his next three (2IP, 6ER at Texas and 4.1IP, 9ER at New York), but he made every start through July 4. After that July 4 start, Bedard complained of shoulder stiffness and missed the rest of the season.

But this is a recurring theme for Bedard and his career - be somewhat effective, get hurt, miss a bunch of time. At least initially however, Bedard's derriere wasn't a problem early in the season.

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