Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Bellingham Herald has...a take

John McGrath of the Bellingham (WA) Herald has a fun little column up this morning.

Some nuggets from said column about the Astros:

*(The Astros) figure to be as compliant as litter runts."
*"(The roster) has fewer recognizable faces than an art-house movie with subtitles."
*"But in 2013, they’re looking like a cross between a punching bag and a tomato can. A punching can? A tomato bag? Something like that."
*If the Mariners don't go 12-7 against the Astros, there "will be some 'splainin to do." 15 out of 19 is "doable."
*"It’d be inaccurate to label Houston as a glorified Triple-A team, because whatever adjective describes the 2013 Astros, “glorified” ain’t in the mix. But it’d be just as inaccurate to label Houston as a big-league team, because the Astros will be fortunate to win 50 games."

That's a whole bulletin board worth of material, right there. 

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Anonymous said...

You don't put true up on the bulletin board.

Anonymous said...

This is a man that knows we're hosed, too.


Anonymous said...

At least we don't have to suffer through watching Brad Ausmus anymore. In a lot of ways, his play was more painful that a 50 win season.

The doormat ain't got nothing on us!


Anonymous said...

It sure is negative... and true.

Terence said...

Did you just show up to complain about Brad Ausmus?? You mean the high IQ catcher who did an excellent job of handling pitchers and playing defense from the catchers position? You mean the same guy with a career line of .250/.325/.345 ??? Which of our current catchers do you enjoy watching more than Brad Ausmus. I would be real interested in hearing about one of the 12 different Astros that have played catcher since Ausmus left that you enjoy more than Brad Ausmus.

If you don't like watching baseball please go back to and talking about Jeremy Lin or Arian Foster. Don't waste our comment space with garbage like that.

On a side note, I don't know what the Vegas odds are that Houston will win the season series with the Mariners, but it is probably a good value bet.

Andrew said...

I would be interested in knowing what the Astros record was last year against 4th place teams, or teams with a similar record to SEA. I wonder how close it is to the .368 winning percentage that the writer is predicting we will have against SEA.

(Not Hank) Aaron said...

Andrew, I took a look, at its not good. Counting all the teams that won between 70-80 games, the Astros went 13-21, for a .382 winning percentage. That would be 7-8 wins against the Mariners. Against the Pirates, the closest analog to the Mariners in the NL Central, the Astros went 5-12.

Terence said...

Astros also went 8-9 against the Cubs and 7-8 against Milwaukee. Considering how terrible the Mariner's offense is, it is possible for the Astros to win the season series.