Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Bellingham Herald has...a take

John McGrath of the Bellingham (WA) Herald has a fun little column up this morning.

Some nuggets from said column about the Astros:

*(The Astros) figure to be as compliant as litter runts."
*"(The roster) has fewer recognizable faces than an art-house movie with subtitles."
*"But in 2013, they’re looking like a cross between a punching bag and a tomato can. A punching can? A tomato bag? Something like that."
*If the Mariners don't go 12-7 against the Astros, there "will be some 'splainin to do." 15 out of 19 is "doable."
*"It’d be inaccurate to label Houston as a glorified Triple-A team, because whatever adjective describes the 2013 Astros, “glorified” ain’t in the mix. But it’d be just as inaccurate to label Houston as a big-league team, because the Astros will be fortunate to win 50 games."

That's a whole bulletin board worth of material, right there. 

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