Friday, February 8, 2013

Building a World Series Contender

I was curious how the 2005 Astros, arguably the best team in the franchise's history, was assembled. Let's look together, I'll offer no commentary.

Starting lineup

C Brad Ausmus-Signed as Major League free agent. 11/19/03
1B Lance Berkman-Drafted by Houston. 1st round, 1997
2B Craig Biggio-Drafted by Houston. 1st round, 1987
SS Adam Everett-Traded from Boston as AA prospect for Carl Everett. 12/14/99
3B Morgan Ensberg-Drafted by Houston. 9th round, 1998
LF Chris Burke-Drafted by Houston. 1st round, 2001
CF Willy Taveras-Rule 5 pick from Cleveland. 12/15/03
RF Jason Lane-Drafted by Houston. 6th round, 1999


IF Mike Lamb-Traded from New York(AL) for Juan DeLeon. 3/25/04
IF Jose Vizcaino-Signed as Major League free agent. 11/20/00
OF Orlando Palmeiro-Signed as Major League free agent. 1/19/04
IF/OF Eric Bruntlett-Drafted by Houston. 9th round, 2000
C Raul Chavez-Signed as Minor League free agent. 1/4/00


Roy Oswalt-Drafted by Houston. 23rd round, 1996
Andy Pettitte-Signed as Major League free agent. 12/16/03
Roger Clemens-Signed as Major League free agent. 1/19/04
Brandon Backe-Traded from Tampa Bay for Geoff Blum. 12/14/03
Wandy Rodriguez-Signed by Houston as amateur free agent. 12/12/99
Ezequiel Astacio-Traded by Philadelphia as High-A prospect for Billy Wagner


Brad Lidge-Drafted by Houston. 1st round, 1998
Chad Qualls-Drafted by Houston. 2nd round, 2000
Dan Wheeler-Traded from New York(NL) for Adam Seuss. 8/27/04
Russ Springer-Signed as Major League free agent. 6/29/04
Chad Harville-Traded from Oakland for Kirk Saarloos. 4/17/04
Mike Gallo-Drafted by Houston. 5th round, 1999


Anonymous said...

Thank you Pettitte and Clemens!

Anonymous said...

For the record, the 1998 Astros were the best team in franchise history. It isn't arguable. The 2005 team got hot at the right time, but from top to bottom, they were worse than the 2004 team, as well as the 1998 team.

OremLK said...

You may not have a comment, Bryan, but I do: The draft is kinda important :)

Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

Oh, I have plenty of comments I could make, I'm just choosing to withhold them at this time. Anyone who's read what I've said the past few months knows what my comments would be.

Anonymous said...

hopefully we can talk about the past couple of draft classes and recent trades having the same kind of impact in a couple years. i for one have faith in lunhow.

Anonymous said...

That is just one team in one year who lost the WS. There is more then one way to build a team. And just because the draft is important doesn't mean you use that as the only means to bring talent to your team. Especially when you have zero players left from previous drafts who you are paying a high salary too. The Astros don't have tons of players who are MLB ready. So is the answer just continue not to field a competitive team?