Thursday, January 3, 2013

Hall of Fame Announcement

MLB Network will be airing the Hall of Fame announcement live on January 9, at 2:00 pm ET. Coverage will start at 12. It will be a two hour event, and "will include interviews with electees."  Unless MLB has enlisted the help of a necromancer, the electee interviewed would have to be someone elected by the BBWAA, rather than the veterans committee. 

Right now Biggio and Bagwell are leading the way, with 71% and 69% of the vote respectively, with 15% of the vote counted. (Source The 2013 Hall Of Fame Ballot Collecting Gizmo!Could it be that the remaining 85% were enough to get one or both over the 75% threshold? Its hard to believe MLB would host a 2 hour live show to announce no one got in, and it looks like Biggio is the most likely choice. Other possibilities include Piazza, Raines and Morris, who are all over 60 % according to the Gizmo. Things just got interesting.