Saturday, January 5, 2013

Minor-League Managers and Staff

Building on some news from yesterday, the Astros have announced minor-league staffing assignments. 

Morgan Ensberg: Roving Instructor. "Will be with Lancaster for home games and scout the Cal League or serve as a roving instructor while Lancaster is on the road."
Adam Everett: Infield Instructor. Will shuttle between the Major-League team and minor-league infielders. 
Vince Coleman: Outfielding/Baserunning Development Specialist, Quad Cities

Oklahoma City: Tony DeFrancesco
Corpus: Keith Bodie (2012 Texas League Manager of the Year)
Lancaster: Rodney Linares (Returns for 2nd season with JetHawks)
Quad Cities: Omar Lopez (Greeneville's manager for 2011-12)
Tri-City: Ed Romero (manager of Greeneville in 2010
Greeneville: Josh Bonifay (managerial debut, Lexington's hitting coach in 2012)
GCL Astros: Edgar Alfonzo (previously GCL Astros' hitting coach)
DSL Astros: Johan Maya

Tom Lawless is an infield developmental specialist for OKC, and Mark Bailey will be the catching developmental specialist for Corpus. Former Gold-Glove OF Cesar Cedeno will be Bonifay's hitting coach in Greeneville. 

Quad Cities GM Stefanie Brown:
"It's a somewhat unique set-up, but it shows the emphasis on development that is taking place throughout the Astros organization. We're excited about the staff that Houston has sent us in the first year of our affiliation with them."