Friday, November 9, 2012

Luhnow addresses off-season plans

Brian T. Smith, the new beat-writer for the Chronicle, has been tweeting out some notes from an interview with Jeff Luhnow from the GM Meetings. Among those notes:

*The Astros "have cooled" on pursuing Lance Berkman. He isn't sure if his knees will hold up (Berkman's, not Luhnow's).
*Luhnow's plan is to keep control of arbitration-eligible players, and not pursue any trades. He'll listen to offers, though.
*The free agents Luhnow is interested in will be the types looking for 1- and 2-year deals.

So that means that there:

1) Likely won't be deals for Bud Norris, Jed Lowrie, Wesley Wright, etc.
2) Will be no play for Josh Hamilton, thankfully.


Imasalmon said...

I'm hoping for a Jim Thome signing, personally.

Anonymous said...

I want Lance back for 1 final year. Even if he doesn't hold up for the entire season, I just want to see him finish his career an Astro. I think the way Ed and Drayton let him go and didn't re-sign him kinda left some bad blood

Anonymous said...

This is an orginization that is running amuck! Everybody that is in baseball sees the Astros already tanking it so to speak for a few years to come.