Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Bagwell, Biggio on Hall of Fame ballot

So the 2013 Hall of Fame ballots were sent out to the voting members of the BBWAA this week, and Craig Biggio will make his debut, while Jeff Bagwell will make his 3rd appearance on the ballot.

We've spent some time thinking about this. (Not Hank) Aaron looked at the "evidence" supporting the BAGWELL DID STEROIDS argument. Last month we looked at what Biggio might expect from his first ballot. As far back as last January, we started tracking some writers' views on the 2013 ballot. In short, we have a lot of rage built up, and are ready to start shaming people.

Astros County will link to those writers dumb brave enough to post their thoughts on the Hall of Fame and who "is deserving" of the honor of being encased in glass in Cooperstown, and put on display like David Blaine. These columns should start coming out shortly, so we'll just have one post and update it (and move it to the top) whenever we run across them.

Let the "fun" begin...