Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Astros name David Stearns as Assistant GM

Brian McTaggart just tweeted that the Astros have named David Stearns as the new Assistant GM.

Stearns, 27, is a Harvard graduate, and was the Indians' Director of Baseball Operations - the youngest in his position in MLB. While with the Indians, Stearns focused on player contracts and analysis. Prior to joining the Indians, he spent three years with the Commissioner's office working on "salary arbitration, contracts, and was a member of MLB's negotiating team on the new basic agreement."

“At some point, [age] doesn’t matter a tremendous amount. It’s more about what you can bring to the table, if your skill set matches what is needed for the particular position.”

From the linked story, Stearns' college roommate:
“[Stearns] was always a very analytical guy, very rational, a real problem solver. He’ll approach any problem or challenge...with the same focus and sense of responsibility and really the same temperament.”

As Zach Levine astutely noted, the CEO, Assistant GM, Marketing VP, and Baseball Operations Coordinator are all Harvard-educated.