Friday, November 23, 2012

Astros Inferno: The Second Circle of Hell

We continue our series on Dante's Inferno as an allegory for Astros fandom, published every Friday.

In the second circle of Hell, we encounter those overcome by lust. Dante blasts the "carnal malefactors" for letting their appetites sway their reason. They are the first residents of Hell to be actually punished. This is a place devoid of light, the unforgiving winds of desire are punishment for their transgressions. The hurricane never rests, smiting its residents. Reason has been betrayed in search of pleasure and instant gratification. Those who have been unable to control their desires and natural urges reside here, whose actions led them and their lovers to death.

November 27, 2006. Here sits Drayton McLane, in search of instant gratification, unwilling to go through the desperately-needed rebuilding process and eschewing reason to continue his desire of playoff berths and pennants. His minion stands to his left, those objects of his instant gratification to his right - the Guinevere to Drayton's Lancelot.

The hurricane never rests, and we are smitten because of it. Here we encounter Drayton McLane, unable to control his desires.


Anonymous said...

Truly a terrifying picture....yu can almost hear the framework of the franchise creaking and groaning in the background.....

ntxlfty said...

I'm ashamed to admit that I was glad we were replacing Bagwell's homers in the lineup. I thought it was a bit too much money, but I liked the Lee signing. Man, was I stupid. Of course, I'm SUPPOSED to be stupid, I'm just a fan. THEY'RE supposed to know what the heck they are doing.