Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MLB not apparently all that sorry about leaking the new logo

Something I've been kicking myself about since last weekend, when Academy was selling the new merchandise, is that I didn't put it together that they had to get that merchandise from somewhere. And that somewhere, of course, was MLB. Well, MLB apologized to the Astros for sending out their new merchandise a week before the unveiling.

"We apologize to the Houston Astros and their great fans for the premature, online availability of officially-licensed product featuring the new Astros logo. It is an error that should have been caught and an error we regret."

Well, apparently they don't regret it too much, because MLB Advanced Media has now updated player pages to feature the new cap and logo:

Personally, I like it. But for God's sake, MLB, get your crap together.

UPDATE: MLB tweeted this out from their normally-useless official account:

MLB Advanced Media, in advance of super-storm Sandy, inadvertently posted photos of players in their new uniforms on @Astros.com bio pages.

12:13pm Updated Update: MLBAM has changed the player pages back to the old color scheme.