Thursday, October 11, 2012

Everyone is gone

Greg Lucas tweeted out yesterday that he would not be involved with the Astros' broadcasts for the 2013 season, but will inquire about radio vacancies.

We also learn that Barry Waters, the travel coordinator, will not be returning to the Astros in 2013.

So if you are an employee of the Astros, and you have worked there longer than two years, you might want to get your resumes in order.


What The Heck said...

Just an FYI. The news came from a Jorge de Jesus Ortiz tweet that I saw Cockroach retweet.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you guys are confusing me. First the front office is "making moves just to make moves" (Brett and Dave article). Then there media gaffes are just atrocious and apparently greatly offended most Astros bloggers, and now we go back to the making moves to make moves theme with an "if you've been around for more than 2 years than see ya".

If the media thing was so bad does it not make sense to make personal changes. Just maybe the reason why some of these guys aren't being brought back is performance related and not conspiracy theory.

Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

We are different guys and (shocker!) may have different takes on some of these things.

But really none of this should be confusing. The media gaffes came after the departure of a long-term employee. While that person did chose to leave on their own I've heard from a few people that the situation brewing in the Astros FO had a part in that decision.

Now this guy had been doing this job since 1985. He's been described as "1 of most beloved and valuable behind-the-scene guys in franchise history." I doubt his performance suddenly slipped to the point that he needed to be let go. So, yes, I would say this is just a move to make a move.

Try not to take these posts personally. I love discussion, and I'm sure the other guys here would agree. No need to get snippy.

Reuben said...

Is Greg Lucas being let go - or more accurately, "left out" - a decision by the Astros, or by Comcast? If memory serves me, DeShaies and Brown are Astros employees, while Lucas and Patti Smith, et al were Fox Sports employees.

Either way, I like Lucas a lot, and I hope he is involved with the team next year in some capacity.

Anonymous said...

Fair enough, but in my defense the first post was kind of written in a snipply manner as well. Definitely glad that you voiced your opinion there, but I also have the right to voice my opinion as well. Sorry that it came out as an attack of yours though, that wasn't the direct intention.

I will also say that I love the site and everything y'all do. Its work that goes unrewarded but is appreciated.

My thought process in a (somewhat thought out non-attacking manner) is this:

The new ownership regime spent a lot of money on this team and they are entitled to make personal decisions. It may be hard for the guys that have been there, but that is business. I have no problem with Crane and Co putting "their guys" or people that they trust in those positions. You definitely got me on Waters. That may have been unnecessary. Still, I just don't see the other moves as just making moves. The overall product has been slipping, so it makes sense to shake things up a bit. You see that everywhere, business, other teams, etc.. not just this situation with the Astros.

With the media gaffes, I see it as them being unprepared for the loss of Footer. Some, not all are minor. If they are still occurring next April or May then I will jump on that bandwagon with you, but given the circumstances this season I am willing to brush aside those mistakes.

Feel free to critique now, again sorry Bryan for the attacks. Like what you do.

Anonymous said...

Should read personnel not personal.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Greg is not employed by the Astros. That was his decision to not join with Comcast.

Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

All fair points, and I can definitely see that side of the argument. I just feel that a baseball team shouldn't be run as just another business. Or, at the very least, fans should be placed higher on the list of stakeholders.

And yes, the SM goof-ups are minor in the grand scheme of things but they are, in my opinion, completely avoidable. However, as I said in the update, I believe that group is actively taking the right steps to fix it, so I'm going to stop bringing it up.

Thanks for that response, and I (we) appreciate your...appreciation. Now if I could only tell which Anonymous I'm not mad at anymore...

Anonymous said...

I should probably start typing my name in there and become identified. There's just so many steps on this site to post a comment already that I lazily never enter in a name. I was your dead horse guy also. And probably the longest comment on that first article.

Hal J said...

"Yes, Greg is not employed by the Astros. That was his decision to not join with Comcast."

I don't think it was his decision. I read that Comcast isn't going to employ a field reporter for Astros games. So it seems like his position was eliminated. He said that he's applied for the radio announcer job.

Anonymous said...

Comment on a month old post? Just saw this post. The one firing that baffles me is the one with Waters. Ask any former Astro that has been traded/signed elsewhere/retired and rather than use the current club's travel guy, they call Waters.

The guy(s) that replace Waters have a very tough job to fill. This position deals with hotels, airlines, families, and is the bridge between the players and front office.

BTW- this was done as a way to cut costs.