Saturday, October 6, 2012

Dierker, Ashby rumored to join broadcasting team

Larry Dierker, Alan Ashby, and Steve Sparks have been linked to the vacancies in the broadcasting booth for 2013, according to David Barron - who says the booth will have at least one player with major league experience.

Ashby works for the Blue Jays, and Steve Sparks has a full-time job in mortgages (take a second and let that sink in) in addition to work with the company formerly known as Fox Sports Houston.

Dierker, however, that's an interesting one. Take it away, David Barron:
Dierker, whose tenure with the ballclub dates to the Colt .45s as player, manager and broadcaster, could be a candidate if it works within the team's budget.

If it works within the team's budget. The team's. Budget. To take the wording of Barron's article quite literally, the team whose largest financial commitment for 2013 is $5m to the Pirates for Wandy Rodriguez might not have the financial flexibility to hire a color analyst.

We also find out in that article that Milo will be calling "a few games" each year.