Thursday, September 6, 2012

Tyler Heineman wins NYPL batting title

ValleyCats catcher Tyler Heineman - the 8th Round pick of the 2012 draft - wrapped up the New York-Penn League title last night by hitting .358.

In 233 PAs (55 games: 37 at catcher, 18 at DH), Heineman had 69 hits, fourteen of them doubles, to go with a .452 OBP (2nd in the NYPL) and a .430 SLG (9th in the NYPL). Heineman struck out 12 times, with 26 walks. His .882 OPS was 2nd in the NYPL behind Jamestown's Jesus Solorzano.

Over those 55 games, Heineman had...

Games with Three Hits: 3
Games with Two Hits: 18
Games with No hits: 10
Games with 2+ strikeouts: 0


Anonymous said...

I've been getting better at knowing our prospects but haven't heard his name too much. Is he someone we should watch for and get excited about?

Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

He's definitely worth keeping an eye on. He was the 8th round pick this summer out out of the University of California, so he didn't exactly come out of nowhere.

I wouldn't start penciling him in as C1 for 2014 quite yet, as it's not unusual for guys drafted from a major college program to do well at the short-season levels.

All that said, though, his performance was still outstanding, both offensively and defensively. If he can continue this next year for a full season, likely in Lexington, he'll cement his prospect status.

Reuben said...

Heineman runs well, too. Watching him leg out a double (two in the game I saw him) you wouldn't know he's a catcher.

Anonymous said...

Good to know...thanks for the reply guys ;)

Anonymous said...

Just happen to stumble upon your blog, and just wanted to let you know this kid is the real deal, he played ball and carried Windward High School baseball, was a walk on at UCLA and was back up to Steve Rodriguez, then when given the chance for a full season he showed his heart, which is the most important aspect of a catcher, then he has speed, pop and a great arm!!! Really keep your eye on this kid, then next year the Astros move to the AL, which is a plus since this kid can DH when not catching!