Saturday, September 29, 2012

September standings

Look, someone has to put a bow on September, what with the Astros going 12-13. How do the Astros stack up in September with the rest of the NL?

San Francisco: 18-7
Atlanta: 17-8
Milwaukee: 17-9
Philadelphia: 15-10
Cincinnati: 14-10
Washington: 15-11
St. Louis: 14-11
Arizona: 13-11
Los Angeles: 12-12
San Diego: 12-12
Houston: 12-13
New York: 11-14
Colorado: 9-18
Miami: 8-17
Chicago: 8-18
Pittsburgh: 6-20

Should we scream and yell and fist-pump and take our ladies out to Sizzler because of 12-13? No, probably not. But considering the Astros won 12 games from June 23-August 31, it's nice to see that there are teams who have fared worse. It's like having herpes, and feeling good because there are five other guys who have crabs.