Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If Lance Berkman was Imperial Ruler of the Houston Astros, he'd hire Tim Bogar

So if Lance Berkman was calling the shots, he'd hire Tim Bogar to be the next manager of the Astros.

His reasoning?
“He was great to me when I was a young player. I’ve always thought he would make an excellent manager, and they could do a lot worse than him. I just have tremendous respect for him and know he knows the game.”

So let's break down Berkman's thought process here:

1. Tim Bogar was nice to me.
2. Tim Bogar is older than me.
3. You could do worse than Tim Bogar.
4. Tim Bogar is a good guy.
5. Tim Bogar has watched a lot of baseball.
6. Tim Bogar would make a good manager.
7. (Looks back at #3) Well, Tim Bogar would be better than some other potential managers.



Mike Castleman Jr. said...

AC vs Lance Berkman...

...hmmm...I'll go with Berkman

Mike Castleman Jr. said...

Don't get me wrong...i'm here every day on your blog.

BUT...you are buying into the fat elvis meme.

don't let his fat elvis schtick fool you...you don't go to Rice University in an empty suit

Besides...who would you rather interview?

Derek Jeter or Lance Berkman? My money is you get REAL thoughts/insight/beliefs from LB than anyone other than perhaps Schilling and Millar

Astros County said...

No, we're not playing into the Fat Elvis meme - I'm just questioning why whatever Berkman has to say about the Astros automatically carries credence.

And let's not get carried away about Berkman and Rice. He was a self-professed Eligibility major. Great school, great player, great guy - but what he thinks about the Astros managerial situation is irrelevant to me.

Anonymous said...

While no one has ever accused Big Puma of being the most deeply analytical guy, the fact is that he (along with Biggio) is the best player ever developed by the Houston franchise, and also has a nice World Series rock on his finger.....so while I wouldn't hire Tim Bogar strictly on his recommendation, his comments are preferable to "Tim Bogar sucks"......

Blinutne said...

While I agree with AC that it doesn't really matter what Lance Berkman says, I still love to hear him talk about the Astros.

The way he called out Bud Selig this Summer, how he never really seemed like he really wanted to leave Houston, the way he played with the Astros, hell, the minor league championship he was part of with the Zephyrs (I grew up in NOLA)--I love that guy.

Blinutne said...

The way he called out Bud Selig this Winter*

Imasalmon said...

I would argue that Joe Morgan should be in the discussion of "best player developed by the Houston Astros."

Mike Castleman Jr. said...

My main point was that commentary from Berkman on anything is more entertaining than just about any other player personality in Houston...why the soft backhand at him? How many players really speak their mind?

...very few