Tuesday, September 25, 2012

If Lance Berkman was Imperial Ruler of the Houston Astros, he'd hire Tim Bogar

So if Lance Berkman was calling the shots, he'd hire Tim Bogar to be the next manager of the Astros.

His reasoning?
“He was great to me when I was a young player. I’ve always thought he would make an excellent manager, and they could do a lot worse than him. I just have tremendous respect for him and know he knows the game.”

So let's break down Berkman's thought process here:

1. Tim Bogar was nice to me.
2. Tim Bogar is older than me.
3. You could do worse than Tim Bogar.
4. Tim Bogar is a good guy.
5. Tim Bogar has watched a lot of baseball.
6. Tim Bogar would make a good manager.
7. (Looks back at #3) Well, Tim Bogar would be better than some other potential managers.