Saturday, September 29, 2012

CSN Houston to launch Monday at 5pm

Comcast SportsNet Houston will launch on Monday (October 1) at 5pm Central with SportsTalk Live, hosted by former FSH on-camera guy Kevin Eschenfelder - guests for the inaugural show include Jeff Luhnow, Jeremy Lin, and Matt Schaub.

CSN Houston President/GM Matt Hutchings:
"This region has waited a long time for an in-depth approach to regional sports coverage, focused not only on our pro teams, but also on sports at the college and high school level."

In the Houston area, CSN Houston will be available on Comcast at 39/639 and on EnTouch on 73/473. 

Viewers in Houma, La Place, Monroe, and Shreveport will get it on 86/1688; while Little Rock will get it on 269/1687. If you don't get CSN Houston in your area, you can visit the website to tell your provider to add it to their lineup. 

Deputy Phelps had a chance yesterday afternoon to tour the studio and get bombed with Jerome Solomon: