Saturday, September 29, 2012

CSN Houston to launch Monday at 5pm

Comcast SportsNet Houston will launch on Monday (October 1) at 5pm Central with SportsTalk Live, hosted by former FSH on-camera guy Kevin Eschenfelder - guests for the inaugural show include Jeff Luhnow, Jeremy Lin, and Matt Schaub.

CSN Houston President/GM Matt Hutchings:
"This region has waited a long time for an in-depth approach to regional sports coverage, focused not only on our pro teams, but also on sports at the college and high school level."

In the Houston area, CSN Houston will be available on Comcast at 39/639 and on EnTouch on 73/473. 

Viewers in Houma, La Place, Monroe, and Shreveport will get it on 86/1688; while Little Rock will get it on 269/1687. If you don't get CSN Houston in your area, you can visit the website to tell your provider to add it to their lineup. 

Deputy Phelps had a chance yesterday afternoon to tour the studio and get bombed with Jerome Solomon:


Jay said...

Jeff Luhnow is our biggest star!

Deputy Jason said...

I just want to add a bit to what AC said about CSN Houston. The offices and studios are located on San Jacinto downtown right across the street from House of Blues in the Pavillion.
I met up with the Communications manager Richard Bocchini and he took me around the main offices on the 2nd floor. The whole area is under serious construction and they are installing millions of TV screens it seems in every nook and cranny.
With the offices being so new and the staff all just being hired, there are still plenty of introductions being done between CSN employees.
Richard is a hockey buff and has done some play by play in that sport which is of little use in Houston because most of us Texans couldnt name an active hockey player. I am happy to see he and his co-horts have really made an effort to hire local talent at the station. They feel that its an advantage to have folks that know the area coverage of the high schools, colleges and pro teams almost innately. I agree with their plan and I hope that it works to make the viewing experience a comfortable one right out of the box.
We took a walk downstairs (elevator not functioning yet) and talked about how another highlight would be how the public can walk right up to the newsroom and look in like the Today Show set. They are going to be shooting news updates and possibly segments involving fans right there where all can be a part of the fan experience.
I was excited to get a glance of the control room and witness the show being done live, especially after watching Newsroom on HBO this year. I kept waiting for them to start yelling at each other about the Tea Party, but it never happened. Maybe next time.
Next we walked onto the set where Keenan McCardell, Jerome Simpson and Kevin Eschenfelder were debating Texans stuff. The set is really sharp, it has a late night feel to it with a dark city skyline and some cool sports memorabilia on shelves. Very tasteful and easy to look at.
I should also mention, although I know little to nothing about TV production, Richard pointed out how all of the equipment the crews are using is brand new and top of the line. It results in beautiful picture, sound and highly efficient replay capability.
Some of the other tidbits I picked up from Richard include a focus on bringing local high school sports a larger audience, post game shows that will be the most in-depth ever done in Houston and a dedication to reporting accurately and independant of oversight from the teams.
Overall, count me one of many who are excited to have CSN Houston get up and running. You can be sure they will be ready as they have been running full dress rehearsals for two weeks and still have this weekend to iron out some wrinkles.
Big thanks to Richard for taking some time for us and answering all of my questions. Hopefully he has us back out soon.