Thursday, September 6, 2012

Berkman may retire, coach at Rice

Lance Berkman spoke to Mark Berman about his plans for 2013 and beyond, and it sounds like you shouldn't get your hopes up about him DH-ing for the Astros next season.

"If I do decide to retire my next move is going to be to enroll at Rice and to be a student assistant for the baseball team."

Wayne Graham would be happy to have him, of course, should he decide to hang 'em up because of his bad knee.

"Like I told the (St. Louis) Post-Dispatch, if you put a gun to my head today and asked me what I was going to do 'I'd say I'm not going to play anymore', but certainly I deserve the right to change my mind on that."

UPDATE: Had we not been tearing our hair out, we would have noticed John Royal's story on just this topic back in June.