Monday, September 10, 2012

Astros set roster for Instructional League

Brian McTaggart has your list of prospects invited to the Instructional League (or, "Instructs" as people seem to enjoy shortening it).

Report date is September 18, with the first workout the following day, and games running from September 24 to October 10.

Prospect ages run from 17 (Correa) to 23 (Dayan Diaz and Drew Muren).


Kenneth Meadows said...

What games do they play and where is this located

Blazemule said...

Dang they left off Brett Philips, thought he would benefit a lot from that as well as the other guys like Ruiz and Ovando.

Astros County said...

They play the games in Kissimmee, other than that, it's very hush-hush.